O'Douds - Texture Powder / Dry Shampoo

O'Douds - Texture Powder / Dry Shampoo

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Designed to reduce shine and work with your scalp's natural oils to revitalize hair with workable texture & volume. Can be used as a stand-alone styling product or as a "dry shampoo" to revitalize hair on days you don't shampoo. Adds volume to thin or thinning hair, helping it appear more full.

Hold: Light
 Labdanum + Lime
Size: 4oz 

- Kaolin Clay:
 Adds volume and lift to the hair without drying or breaking it. Kaolin balances moisture on the skin and acts as powerful cleanser and detoxifier. 
- Arrowroot Powder: Absorbs oil, thickens the hair, and adds a lightweight hold while leaving the hair soft and revitalized.
- Shavegrass Powder: This mineral rich powder strengthens the hair and scalp and is known to increase skin elasticity and promote hair growth.

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