Face Care Tips

Face Wash

First, use a quality face wash morning and night. Every few days you should also sub out your face wash for an exfoliator. This is a gritty “scrub”, that makes for noticeably clearer skin.


Face Toner

Next apply a male specific toner. Lots of men forget this step but it’s an important part of your skincare routine. A toner closes your pores after cleansing, removes excess oil and reduces shine.


Face Moisturiser

This is a pretty obvious one. Quality moisturisers don’t just add moisture, they protect your skin from what the day throws at you, make shaving easier and help your skin look smoother and younger. If you chose a moisturiser with SPF, it will protect your skin from the sun as well.


Problems You'll Solve

Wash, tone and moisturise morning and night to tackle blemishes, acne, wrinkles and other specific problems too.





Your face is the first thing people see and it’s exposed to the elements more than any other part of your body. We hope. Make sure you follow product instructions, but generally, here’s how to clean and protect your skin:


Get rid of deep dirt and toxins by washing twice a day with a quality cleanser. This will also help rebalance your skin’s natural oil levels and help you avoid acne (so you’ll look like a grown up). Slather a coin-sized amount onto your face and massage in with your fingertips in a circular motion. Rinse off with cold water to close your pores.


Scrub away dead skin cells and minimise blemishes by using an exfoliator two or three times a week. Work the product into your face in a circular motion with your fingertips, then rinse. Exfoliating makes your skin visibly brighter and softer, and also makes for better contact between razor and your hair follicles, for a closer shave.


A good toner closes your pores, removes excess oil and firms the surface of your skin. Use a cotton wool pad to apply toner after you wash your face.


Moisturising after a shave protects your face from the environment for a smooth, supple, refreshed complexion. When your skin is dehydrated, it’s more fragile, vulnerable, and quickly shows signs of age and fatigue. Poor thing.


Sunburn doesn’t just hurt, it’ll also make you look way older. Slap on some protection every morning after your moisturiser and say see ya to wrinkles, red nose, and those awesome sunglass tan lines.


Special treatments, serums and masks will help you tackle problem areas – clear up acne, refresh tired skin or mop up the oil. Depending on the product you’ll probably only need to use these every week or so.


Protect your lips from winter wind and summer sun with a men’s lip balm, then hello ladies.


Revitalising your skin while you sleep is key to countering the stress of a busy lifestyle. Repeat your wash, tone and moisturising routine before you head to bed to seriously recharge your skin and wake up even more devlishly handsome. If that’s even possible.


A late night out with the boys or in the office can mean tired-looking eyes when you wake up. The skin under your eyes is much thinner than anywhere else, so stress or lack of sleep shows. A male specific eye cream can help you lose those dark circles for good. With a good eye cream, who needs sleep?