Shaving Tips



We’re in the business of delivering Kiwi men the perfect shave, one man at a time. Even after years of practice lots of men still haven’t fully mastered the art of shaving (we’ve seen the tissue squares).

Here’s where you can pick up the rights tools, products and techniques for a super smooth shave, every time.

To Achieve The Perfect Shave:

1. Wet shaving is the way to go. Move to a wet shave grooming routine and your skin (and partner) will thank you. Traditional wet shaving is making a massive comeback for good reason.

2. Upgrade your shave cream. Ditch your mediocre supermarket shavefoam and upgrade to a quality pre-shave oil and shave cream. Combine with a badger hair brush for an ultra close shave with less irritation.

3. Deal to any issues. Sort out shaving issues, like ingrown hairs, razor burn, and nicks and scratches with our high-quality shave products and below routine advice.



Before you go near your face with a razor, you need to get rid of dirt and oil. Shaving post-shower is ideal – the steam will lubricate your face and soften the hairs.


Apply pre-shave oil to soften the hair and protect the face. Think of it as undercoat for the shaving cream – it will ease the blade over the skin while stimulating your facial hair into an upright position ready for the blade.


Shave cream nourishes and protects the skin by minimising friction. Quality shave creams have fewer chemicals and are formulated to give you better results. It’s a good idea to let the cream sit for a minute or two so the active ingredients have time to work.


Use a good quality brush to apply your shave cream. Putting aerosol foams and gels on with your hands pushes your facial hair down. A brush will get it standing to attention, so it’s easier to shave. Whip the shave cream with the brush and apply.

Always shave with the grain. Shave with the grain for a closer, skin-friendly shave. Going against the grain won’t give you a closer shave. You’re just more likely to cut yourself or get razor burn. Don’t press down too hard with your razor – use a sharp blade and light pressure.


Use cool water to rinse after shaving to close your pores against infections and ingrown hairs.


Apply a gentle post shave balm to smooth the skin and ward off ingrown hairs, infections, irritations and inflammation.

Preserve your youthful good looks with a facial moisturiser after you shave. Choose a daily moisturiser with SPF for built in sun protection, summer or winter.