Skinnies (NZ)



Back in 2010, on a stifling hot summer day in New Zealand… Olly had been working in the garden and came into the house to Martha, “Would you just look at me? I’m covered in this greasy white sunscreen stuff – it’s sticky, uncomfortable, and now there’s a coating of grass, thorns, and dust on my face, arms and legs! And…I’m expected to reapply more to finish the job? What’s more, the brand doesn’t even look cool on the bench, there’s got to be a better way!”

After speaking friends & family and discovering more and more about other people’s frustrations with normal sunscreens, Martha and Olly knew they were on to something. Several months later, following research, formulation development, testing, branding, IP/trademarks, and plans for marketing… enter Skinnies!