Lejonjon - Beard Balm Midnight Musk

Lejonjon - Beard Balm Midnight Musk

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Lejonjon beard balm will keep your beard healthy from the beard to skin underneath.

Sourced and Made in New Zealand,

Lejonjon Handmade Beard Balm is made of natural ingredients plus a variety of naturally derived fragrances.

Beard balm works to condition, moisturize, soften and hold the beard in place. 

Beard balm also works on protecting the beard hair from the elements wind, sun, water. This prevents the beard drying out and it helps to retain the moisture it has absorbed into the skin from the beard oil. 

This beard balm is rich in vitamins and also has renowned anti-aging ingredient properties. It also contains Shea butter and mango butter with a variety of antioxidants known to improve skin and beard health.

 Organic Jojoba Oil
 Sweet Almond Oil
 Vitamin E Oil
 Beeswax
 Shea Butter
 Mango Butter
 Fragrance Oil

Made in Christchurch, New Zealand