Groom Mate - Vintage Nose Hair Trimmer

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Vintage is the latest addition to Groom Mate best-selling trimmers. This trimmer which trims hair to 0.43mm, making it the closest cutting manually operated nose and ear hair trimmer on the planet.    

  • Safe & Gentle / Incredibly easy to use
  • Works without batteries saving you money
  • Rust Proof Rotary Blades
  • Made in New Zealand using domestic and imported parts

Every year consumers throw out ten billion batteries. Groom Mate is doing its bit to curb this mountain of wasted resources. The Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Hair Trimmer's patented technology delivers a superior trimming experience using good old fashioned hand power.

Of all the nasal hair trimming devices available, Groom Mate has proven itself to be the trimmer of choice for men who demand durable, top quality, eco-friendly grooming gadgets.

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