Fatboy - Sea Salt Pomade (75gr)

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Texture and finish of a sea salt spray with the flexibility of a cream.

Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade has the texture and finish of a sea salt spray with the flexibility of a cream pomade. Innovative lightweight cream creating that beachy texture, while moisturizing and maintaining natural flow.

Rub a dime sized amount between your palms and style accordingly. Apply to wet hair and air-dry or diffuse for natural beach hair.

When you want to look like you spent the day at the beach and have The Perfect hair, but forever. Sea Salt Pomade gives you effortless texture and separation without the crunchiness or dehydration of your traditional salt spray. Imagine walking into the ocean with your favorite conditioner in your hair; its like that. WHY Sea Kelp and Algae extract makes this pomade rich in antioxidants and give the hair a healthy, shiny boost. Coconut oil and Shea Butter help lock in moisture, and enhance strength while protecting your hair against UV damage and preventing split ends.

Pro Tip
Apply to wet hair and blow dry for a 2 in 1 option; smoothing and taming frizz plus the all important salt hold. Apply to dry hair and scrunch in for added texture and chunky separation.

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