Luxurious Shaving Soap with Wooden Bowl

Captain Fawcett's - Luxurious Shaving Soap with Wooden Bowl

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For a marvellous British shave in a handcrafted wooden bowl

Intrepid adventurer Captain Fawcett's preferred Shaving Soap, which helped him through many a close shave has been faithfully recreated and is now available to today's gentlemen for the first time in over a century.

A finely fragranced gentleman's shaving soap supplied in an elegant hand crafted wooded bowl.

In the Captain's words - Enjoy the fresh top notes of Bergamot & Mandarin that yield to an exotic blend of Cardamon & Tonka Bean, resplendent against a backdrop of Lavender & Vanilla. Creates a luxuriously thick lather which lifts and softens the hair ready for a simply marvellous shave. British made Soap. Wooden bowl crafted in India.

Use: (or in fact the Captain's top tips for a marvellous shave) Wet traditional shaving brush with warm water, brush in a stirring & churning motion over shaving soap to create a thick creamy lather.  Apply to beard to lift & soften the hair & shave.