Beardbrand - Boar's Hair Brush

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Boar's hair brilliance for your beard!

What makes boar's hair better than synthetic brushes?  The surface of each bristle is scaly and draws dust and excess product from the hair as you use it.  The bristles also stimulates the natural oils (sebum) present in the scalp, and draws them along the hair shafts, essential for keeping hair clean, healthy, shiny, and protected.

Beardbrand brushes are natural, 100% boar's bristle nestled into a fine maple wood.  The brush does not have the nylon material that many cheaper brushes contain  which leads to increased split ends, breakage and static.

When customers use the Beardbrand brush as the final stage of beard grooming they will find their beard to look more healthy, full and shiny.

Approximately 224mm long
100% Boar bristle brush