What is HOT this summer?

Meteorologists are forecasting for another unusually hot summer, with a top climate scientist already calling the arrival of a "humdinger.”


I am sure for many of you this is the all the invitation that you need to get out and about. What is HOT at the moment? The most popular products going out the door have been from Michigan Brand - Lockhart's. Their products are really versatile, and their Anti Gravity & Matte Clay products create a great relaxed look.


Not far behind is fan favorite Layrite. The products of choice are the Superhold Pomade and Cement Clay. Both products are great for a medium to firm hold and low shine.


For the bearded gents, Proraso, the classic Italian brand is the go to for maintaining the winter growth. My favorite is the Wood & Spice range. A woody fragrance with top notes of spicy cumin and saffron, which then develops into woody notes of cedar and sandalwood along with a lingering of vanilla and citrus.


All the best. Max - OneMan

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