What hair styling products do you recommend: Pomade, Cream or Clay? How much do we need to use?

At OneMan, we don’t think you need an excuse to practice good grooming habits or participate in a little self-care for that matter, but, if you need a little push, here is a few tips for lighting that fire.

Have a think about it, say you’re taking someone new out, showing up well-groomed is not only a sign that you respect yourself, but it shows that you respect them, too. Plus, it increases your chances that the date will end...well, amorously.

Pomade may be your best friend when you’re wanting to look sharp for a meeting or interview, but if it’s time to play it cool and relaxed try switching out your pomade for a styling cream or a clay, which still has plenty of hold to keep your style in place but gives a more natural and textured finish. Work a dime sized amount into towel-dried hair, use your hands to shape your style, and let it air dry for a casual, modern look.

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Should we exfoliate the face and body?

If you want a bright, shining face, rather than not looking like you have ever washed your face before. Exfoliation is the key. Exfoliating your body will help get rid of the dead cells hanging around on your arms and legs (and anywhere else) and leave every inch of your body feeling smoother than ever. Look for a scrub with smaller particles if you have body hair and make sure to rinse thoroughly, so particles don’t stick around and make your chest hair feel sandy.

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Cologne or Deodorant?

Wearing a fragrance is good, wearing too much fragrance is well, not so much. Nothing sends a potential mate running the other way faster than smelling like you just walked through a cloud of cologne. The trick with wearing cologne is putting on just the right amount as to invite someone to lean in closer but not leave your scent all over them after they go in for a hug. Think of a good-smelling natural deodorant as an extension of your cologne. It shouldn’t overpower everything else but enhance your overall vibe with a clean scent. Reserve it for special occasions and use it only when you need to feel especially put together.


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