This summer’s hair trend

Max Dawson OneMan


“Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a Gentleman is a matter of choice."

 ―Vin Diesel


As a lover of biographies I find myself most entertained by the stories of ordinary matters, such as haircuts. I have all the encouragement that I need...


2020 had been an unusual year, and while the pandemic beard has stuck around (special thanks to lejonjon beard balm for keeping it in check) I felt the need to change up the skin fade that I have been sporting the past few years.


Burnt skin, incessant sweating, insect bites, hay fever. Summer’s a handsome time of year. More than any other season, it calls for you to restock your bathroom cabinet and think proactively about grooming, if only because there’s more skin on show.


Good news: this summer it’s okay to turn up at the beach with your hair looking like the sea and sand have already been at it. This summer’s hair trends are looser, longer and messier.


Growing my hair out for the summer was a thing that was going to happen. Unfortunately, the downside of a skin fade is that I didn't realise my hair had greyed significantly over the past two years. I had two reasonable options, option 1: dye my hair for the first time (sounded like a lot of maintenance...) or option 2: Mullet.


Naturally I decided on the latter and what a liberating experience it has been. The quizzical expression on my barbers face suggests this is not a trend in its infancy, however if there was ever a time to embrace business at the front, party at the back it has got to be 2021?!?

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