The Beardstache

The Beardstache: Why do we do it? Because we can.


The what? The beardstache. It’s the like the facial hair version of the mullet. Reined in beard, full above the lip.


To be clear here, OneMan 100% condones and in fact encourages this facial hair trend. We are just letting you know. This author’s position is that today should be the day.


Let’s face it, a long beard can look a little odd with fewer clothes. Go shorter, sharper, and more straightforwardly sophisticated with a no nonsense, no maintenance moustache style to avoid lips covered in beeswax and drooping hair.


 ‘The Beardstache’, is a shortish mowser kept just a little longer than the stubble on the rest of your face. A classic workmanlike moustache, paired with a lightly developing beard. A look that suggests you did have a well-kept moustache, but a week or so of fishing, defending your property and generally being rugged has let it slip a little. Less eye-catching than a clean-shaven face as there’s a reduced contrast in the skin-and-hair tones, but you do need a decently even stubble growth to make this work. David Beckham does it well.


The summer is a good time to cut the beard back and allow the skin the chance to feel a little more fresh air than during the colder months. This will give you a fresher, sharper look while wearing your more relaxed threads.


The ‘beardstache’ is a way of saying “Yeah, I trimmed it, but I left this manly badge of honour right here on my top lip to remind you that I’ve still got it.” While it is clearly a departure from the traditional full beard, its spirit is in the same place. At least it’s “beard-ish” and not totally clean-shaven. After all, growing different combinations and patterns of facial hair is one of the perks of manhood. Why do we do it? Because we can.


Gentleman, start your clippers. Maybe it’s time to trim that beard down to stubble and leave your moustache full strength.


So what’s it going to be, guys? Are you going to give the ‘beardstache’ a try, go clean-shaven, or stick with your glorious beard? 

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