Embrace your wildside man. Grow some! Grow a beard.

There are a lot of misconceptions about bearded men. Here is a few of them.

They say we are all bro’s, or a bunch of hippies. Or that we are all professional athletes, and we’re all musicians, and love the outdoors a'la trampers/pig-hunters, or we're computer nerds/wizards/lumberjacks (actually all these are not bad misconceptions, could possibly work in your favour) and that we get all the ladies, now that one is ridiculous.

Maybe you've tried to grow a beard and it hasn't gone all that well. If your growth is patchy and you're impatient you may be suffering from ‘Acute Baby Beard.’ Every year men suffer through slow growing, patchy facial hair, but you don’t have to. Parkside Beard Oils are carefully designed to achieve the full, luscious beard of your dreams. If you’ve got a thin, itchy or patchy beard don’t give up. Parkside Beard Oils are brimming with essential oils and minerals that are crucial for growing longer, thick facial hair and keeping it nourished and healthy. It’s everything you need to accelerate your journey into the realm of bearded champions.

Possible Side Effects: High risk of an increase in self-confidence and subsequently encounters that could under favourable circumstances lead to sexual activity, free drinks, and a heightened sense of purpose and fulfilment, not to mention new jobs, promotions and raises, general respect and healthy admiration from other men. It could also lead to sudden interest in extreme sport, and a happier more successful life. 

Find out for yourself. Start growing yours. Go wild. Keep it clean. And let us take care of the rest. Join the club today. Embrace your wildside with Parkside.


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