Getting older? Put some serious skincare into your game

I take care of my skin. I’m not worried about ageing, but I’m not in a rush to age either. Someone, in a bygone age, and, I suspect, long since forgotten time, said that the older men get, the more "distinguished" they look. They might just as easily have said the more "extinguished" they look.


 But that was then, and this is now.


Looking around at guys in and around their fifties today I don't see too many in any desperate hurry to look like their fathers, however 'distinguished' they might have looked. Indeed, word on the street and a look around the locker room would have you believe that today its all designer stubble, fades, and shades. 


However as we approach or pass the half-century mark one thing is for sure; your skin isn’t the same as it was at 20. 


Unless you are come sort of genetic superfreak, as you age your skins requirements change quite dramatically. At some point you will notice some serious signs of aging. The results of years before the mast or at the crease, years of exposure to the elements during the course of our manly pursuits sees the lines on your face become deeper, the bags under the eyes darker. This is the price of la vie sportif.


If you are in your 50’s, wanting to delay the aging process, or at least reduce the ravages of the sun and general wear and tear on your skin, you better make sure you have these items in your arsenal:


Eye Cream

If you were after a single product to buy to help roll back the years, this is this one. This skin under your eyes is paper thin, and begins to look more tired, duller, it’s the first area to show that the rigors of life are getting on top of you. And remember to get your recommended allotment of sleep each night, the body is a great self healer.




You have reached the half century mark and, generally, oiliness shouldn’t be the problem it once was. The fundamental key to a good cleanser is that it washes the dirt and grime of the day away. Can you live without it? Most probably.  Will it make a definite improvement to what you have going on? Most definitely. Use morning and night.



Not just for the ladies. If you’ve never used a moisturiser before, now’s the time to start. And if you’ve always used one, now might be the time to switch to something a little richer and more hydrating. As well as helping protect against future wrinkles (dehydrated skin is more susceptible to premature ageing and wrinkles) it will make the fine lines you do have slightly less noticeable by plumping up the skin.



The only worn leather you should own should be on your belt, jacket, or boots. Certainly not your face. For most us years of sun damage will eventually leave our skin wrinkled and littered with tiny age spots. The stuff that keeps it firm – collagen and elastin – aren’t quite producing the goods like they once were. The easiest way to forestall this is to use a moisturiser with a built-in sunscreen.


Do not give up on yourself. Remember, life is a marathon not a sprint. This is OneMan on a mission to help keep you looking good all the way down the track. And, as those wonderful gentlemen who created Nike once said...


'There is no finish line.'

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