Face it. Men are different from women.

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Face it. Men are different from women.



Taken at face value that sounds pretty damn obvious, but, to get literally and specifically 'in your face', men and women have quite different facial needs. Diving in deep here, we can talk hormones and stuff and get scientific but, in the true spirit of manliness we focus on the superficial. To cut to the chase, mens facial skin care and why you need skin care products that are manly specific for manskin maintenance.



Why men need a skincare routine that's different from women.



Firstly, there are some substantial hormonal differences in the structures of men’s and women’s skin. An obvious one results in beard growth. Hormones aside, there's likely to be significant differences in lifestyle and personal habits. Because woman don’t have facial hair their facial skin is less likely to be exposed to the rigors of the razor: nicks, cuts and scars. Thusly, male skin is more prone to rashes, inflammation and oil. All directly as a result of shaving alone.


A Skincare solution for shavers should:


Soothe the skin before and after shaving


Soften and nourish your skin


Maintain moisture and oil balance


Replenish and protect your skin


You’re probably thinking that’s too much to ask from one product and you'd be absolutely right.



Here's what you’ll need:


Proraso Shave Cream: Combining the properties of Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol, the formula is designed to unite excellent smoothness with toning and a pleasant cooling effect.


Menscience Post Shave Repair: Calms redness and razor burn, helps stressed skin recover and heal after shaving, prevents ingrown hairs, and keeps pores free from clogging.


Menscience Advanced Face Lotion: Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene, this ultralight, oil free lotions advanced water-binding, skin refining agents dramatically increase the moisture content of the skin and restores skins suppleness and elasticity. Absorbs immediately without a greasy residue.


So next time you’re on the hunt to upgrade your skincare regime, rest assured there are purpose built products designed and created just for men. 


Its time to man up and stop stealing your girlfriend’s products.

(She'll probably thank you for it.)



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