Elevate Your Personal Care Game

In the quest for grooming greatness, OneMan has embarked on a whirlwind odyssey, testing countless products that vie for a prime spot on your sink ledge. With dedication and precision, we’ve scrubbed, spritzed, and shaved our way through the crowded landscape of personal care to bring you only the finest selections. Our mission is clear—to improve your life one product and OneMan at a time, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.


It’s all about the little things—the seamless glide of a comfortable shave, the allure of a captivating scent, and the brilliance of slightly whiter teeth. It is in these subtle details that the art of self-care resides. A grooming routine isn’t just about maintaining appearances; it’s a gateway to invigorating confidence and pleasure.


One of the more recent trends in personal care has been the infusion of potent ingredients into face care products. Gone are the days of overpriced tiny bottles; now, you can enjoy the transformative power with the likes of Baxters Face Wash. It works wonders in dissolving and buffing away unwanted gunk, resulting in a literal face brightening experience. And this trend isn’t restricted to just face-specific products, with options like cleansing bars and soaps for Blokes, conquering even the most stubborn bacne, finding a well-deserved spot in your shower caddy.

Post-shower moisture is a must for any man, and we’ve got the best of the best. The Anthony Logistics Oil Free Moisturiser delivers traditional lotion perfection, while Mensciences Advanced Face Lotion keeps your skin feeling soft and supple even on the most humid summer days. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any grooming routine.


When it comes to deodorants, we’ve found a surprising gem—the Anthonys Alcohol Free Deodorant. Bid farewell to heavy-duty aerosols and embrace the freshness of this non-aluminium deodorant made from natural ingredients. It works tirelessly to keep you feeling fresh all day, without compromising on your health.

Gentlemen with textured hair, rejoice! Fatboy Perfect Putty is your go-to for maintaining moisture and taming frizz. The NZ-owned brand has crafted this exquisite product tailored specifically for a messy lived in look the applications are only limited by your imagination – so think big and elevate your hair care routine to new heights. For those seeking a more volumed look, Slick Gorillas Hair Powered adds body and flexibility, while Lockhart’s Anti Gravity ensures tenacious all-day hold, maintaining your desired style without compromise.


And for those embracing the bearded lifestyle, Captain Fawcetts Booze & Baccy Beard Oil is a true indulgence. Beyond its hydrating prowess, it exudes an intensely masculine burly woody fragrance, perfect for contemporary charmers who exude confidence and charisma.


We’ve traversed the grooming landscape to curate a collection of unparalleled products, designed to elevate your self-care routine to new heights. Savour the pleasure of a considered grooming ritual and relish the use of products you’ll genuinely love. With OneMan’s seal of approval, you can trust that your journey to grooming greatness is just a step away. Let the power of grooming unlock your true potential.

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