Body Wash vs. Soap

You’ve immersed yourself into the world of men’s grooming, you have the basics nailed. You know about using a facial cleanser, a daily moisturiser is an essential tool in your kit, so what else is there to keep in mind when trying to maintain healthy and happy skin?


Body Wash vs. Soap

The skin is the largest organ of the body therefore it is essential to keep it clean. Choosing the right option for you can be difficult.

They both get you clean, as the molecules they are made up with, bind to water and break down the dirt, sweat and germs on your skin. When regularly faced with hot showers, the skin can dry out and begin to feel a bit tight. Throw in colder winter conditions, make the skin feel even dryer.

The pros of a body wash are that it is more likely to moisturise the skin as it cleans. If you have dry skin this is probably the best option for you as most body washes contain hydrating ingredients.

On the other hand, many newer bar soaps now have ingredients like shea butter that have a similar effect. Using a bar soap is also seen as the eco-friendlier option as they usually come in recyclable packaging and don’t typically contain microbeads. Also, bar soaps generally contain less ingredients and don’t require the preservatives to keep them, which can sometimes be an irritant of the skin.

No matter what type you decide to go with, pay attention to how it makes your skin feel. After washing your skin should feel clean, but not itchy, red, tight or dry. These are all signs the product is not right for you.


Should men use toner?

Toner might just be the missing piece in the puzzle. A great toner will likely add to the good work you are already doing. Why? The cleaner you face is from excess oil and dirt, the better it will look…in the long run. That is why toners are particularly popular with those with oily skin and, suffer from acne.


Hair Powder: What is it? Is it for guys?

Used mostly for a texturizing or volumizing effect, Hair Powder will make your hair look thicker and fuller. Mostly used by guys with thin hair, it is also a great additional to the tool kit for guys that want to boost volume and give their hair a natural matte finish. Since the powder is re-workable, you can play around with your hairstyle on the go.

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