Beard Care Tips

So you've taken some time to grow your beard and finally got bushy goodness on display?

Once the hard job of growing the beard is done, many relax and forget that their prized possession needs an ongoing tender loving care. If you'd like to avoid dry and rough-looking beard, follow these easy Beard Care Tips and enjoy a healthy-looking soft-to-touch beard that should be on your face.

Step 1: Stop washing your beard with shampoo or body wash. Use a beard wash.

This is a common mistake of many guys, unfortunately. Merely due to not knowing that washing your beard with their shampoo or body wash will dry their beard and strip it of natural oils.

Your face is much more sensitive than the scalp, so leave shampoo to the head and use a specially created cleansing product to wash your beard - Beard Wash.

It will look after your beard with specifically designed nourishing ingredients which will clean the dirt out while supporting the natural "flora and fauna" of your face garden. Oh, and it'll make it smell nice too!

Step 2: No one likes prickly beards. Make it soft and shiny with a beard softener.

Beards tend to become dry and rough, and you can undoubtedly spot those in the crowd. Don't be that guy who looks like he's just come out of the cave where he'd been for a few months.

Use Beard Softener straight after washing it with a Beard Wash. Apply the softener to the wet beard. Rub a tiny bit of the softener into your beard, especially on the ends and after a few minutes wash it out. The drier the beard, the more time you can leave the softener in.

Some use as a leave-in conditioner for 24 hours or overnight, which moisturises the hairs deep and gets them looking soft and healthy. It won't just make your beard soft but create a handsome smell which people around you will appreciate.

Step 3: Moisturise your beard with beard oil or beard balm.

We cannot stress enough that a healthy-looking beard will be the most moisturised beard you'll come across. That's the key to avoiding a rough and unhealthy look.

Most beard oils have ingredients which help your hair grow, so whether you've just embarked on the beard-growing journey or have been doing it for a while, using beard oil will help with the growth. You should even put it on a stubble!

When you use beard oil or balm, it leaves a pleasant scent which people around you will love, especially the ones who come very close to your face and can smell the goodness.

Final Note: Don't forget to trim and shape your beard.

This is something easy to forget, but a beard needs a trim and a shape regularly. And we aren't talking about getting a professional hair cut every time. This is something you can easily do at home.

The fact is that some stubborn hairs will simply grow the way they want and give you an interesting shape. Control how your beard looks and sits with the help of beard scissors and a brush/comb. It's needless to say you should use a beard brush or comb every day as well.



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