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Meet Darren

Hi I'm Darren, owner and operator of One Man.  

I've been running this awesome grooming business since November 2018. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and provide grooming essentials to men New Zealand wide.

I've always been a sensitive new age guy making sure my hair was styled perfectly, my skin was exfoliated regularly and all those things.

Like most guys though I had the challenge of making sure I had all my grooming products at hand and that I would not run out of them during the most important time like before an important meeting or event.

I also often didn't have time to go to specialist shops to get my products and sometimes had to grab supermarket brands just because I was short on time, which wasn't ideal.

So when the opportunity came up for me to acquire One Man... I thought this could solve mine and a lot of other New Zealand men's problems and jumped at the chance! I'm really excited to be helping kiwi men look their best with the help of One Man and the quality products we sell.

Below is me and my wife at our nearby beach Piha in West Auckland.