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Fatboy - Perfect Putty (75 ml)

Fatboy - Perfect Putty (75 ml)

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Tyson Kennedy brings the rockstar style to you.

Fatboy Perfect Putty is smooth & creamy to the touch, once applied will give your hair that all important matte finish and a second day texture from day one. Upon contact with your head expect a serious increase in volume, rootlift & texture but without that greasy build up...even on the finest of hair.

Winner of editor's pick in Best Grooming Awards - Details Magazine 2012, 2012 Esquire Grooming Awards

This is the original flagship product from the front man of Steriogram and renowned hairstylist in NYC, Tyson Kennedy. Named after Tyson's ironic nickname "Fatboy" it's the elder brother, the instigator & in their humble opinion - actually the perfect putty.

For a messy lived in look the applications are only limited by your imagination - so think big.

DIRECTIONS: Take a small amount of fatboy in your hand (around the size of a 20 cent piece). Rub between your hands until you feel the friction. Work through dry or damp hair near the roots for a next day matte finish.